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The power of positive thinking and your relationships

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Healing Relationships |

Relationships are a lot of intentional work. Like life, they often come with ups and downs. It can be easy to feel happy, “in love,” and fulfilled during the ups. However, even the best relationships can feel tense and threatened during a difficult season.

There will be times when your relationship goes through challenges. One of the essential factors in maintaining a healthy relationship is positive thinking.

Here’s how you can start using positive thinking to support your relationships.

Assuming positive intent

The challenge with a negative mindset is that you may unintentionally project it onto those around you. A neutral or well-meaning but poorly-phrased comment could lead to misinterpretation in these situations.

Assuming positive intent does not mean glossing over toxic behaviors. Instead, assuming positive intent means taking a moment to ask for clarification rather than jumping to a negative conclusion.

Positivity as a process

Increasing your positivity will not happen overnight. It is the accumulation of small moments where you choose a positive outlook rather than a negative one.

When you and your partner face challenges, start with the assumption that you will find a positive resolution that supports both of you, then work toward that goal. Instead of dwelling on negative circumstances, you can set yourself up to find a positive solution by looking toward a positive future outcome.

Supporting your relationship

For better or worse, our attitudes tend to be contagious. Whether you and your partner tend to be positive or negative-minded, being intentional about adopting a positive mindset can help both of you look at your relationship and life with a more optimistic outlook.

As you start to adopt more positive thinking, you may find that it becomes easier to resolve your conflict. While conflict is inevitable, you can choose to support each other in constructive and positive ways.