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Growing and thriving after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Divorce |

After a divorce, it is natural for questions and doubts to surface. Will you be happy? How will you carry on? And how long will this awkward transition take?

But this now is the time to embrace a new beginning – one that includes healthy relationships and a chance to grow and thrive.

Independence and rediscovery

Look at it this way. You are saying goodbye to many things from your past that have placed a negative aura on your life. You get a restart, but one that already has a solid foundation in place. You are merely adding and subtracting certain elements of your life.

Among the things that will help you grow and thrive post-divorce include:

  • Independence: You are not the captain of your own ship, having to rely on yourself. The duties your spouse once did must now be performed by you. Personal and financial independence are good things to have.
  • A boost in self-confidence: Rebuilding your self-esteem empowers you. You no longer will have to doubt your instincts or judgment, which often happened while married.
  • The chance to become a better parent: With a floundering marriage, you focused on saving the union. However, this was at the expense of your children. Re-shifting that focus to your children can only lead to positive results. Do things with them that you always wanted to do. And try some new things as well.
  • Rediscovering friends and hobbies, while discovering new friends and hobbies: Time to reclaim your past interests and friends shunned by your spouse. And it also is time to try new things and make new friends

When you combine these elements, it can add up to the happiness for which you have long strived.

Self-acceptance and happiness

Healthy relationships begin with you. It is crucial to first seek a healthy relationship with yourself. Self-acceptance is important, leading you to branch out into new relationships, new happiness and a new life.